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During COVID-19

During these challenging times see how you can leverage
Vocantas Communicate's shift management automation to
alleviate the strain on your workforce.

COVID-19 x Broadcast Notifications

COVID has Caused Many Changes
and Vocantas Broadcast
Notifications can Help

The most important time to have access to a fully functioning communication platform is during an emergency. Broadcast Notifications is a two-way communication platform that allows organizations to immediately notify relevant parties of key information and receive responses from those contacted. COVID requires that organizations have the ability to interact and track their constituents and employees. Broadcast Notifications can ask questions, send important messages and allow a mass communication that can also be responded to by individuals. With Broadcast Notifications your organization can send out information fast to staff, patients, families, and clients.

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Limited Time Only!

Vocantas is offering Broadcast Notifications at a special rate to any organization in need for a limited time only! Some conditions apply

COVID-19 x Automated Shift Filling

Vocantas Automated Shift Filling
Meets Increasing Demand During
COVID-19 Outbreak

Vocantas Automated Shift Filling has recently received praise from organizations across North America in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, during the COVID-19 outbreak; due to its ability to easily manage the increasing demand to efficiently fill open shifts. Automated Shift Filling has the capability to automatically send out thousands of notifications to employees through various communication methods including, phone, text, email, mobile app and online portal, while following scheduling procedures and union rules. Automated Shift Filling takes all the manual effort out of contacting staff, and employees are able to respond through their method of choice to accept or decline open shifts.
COVID-19 x Late & Absent Reporting

Late & Absent Reporting
Just Got Easier

COVID-19 is Increasing Employee Absences and Lateness With the outbreak of COVID-19, employee absences and late events are rapidly increasing and  organizations are experiencing major challenges with manual attendance reporting processes. Valuable time is being spent answering phone calls, emails, picking up unclear voicemail messages and completing paperwork. Automating the process will significantly reduce inaccuracies that lead to employee and union grievances, while also saving organizations time.
Late & Absent Reporting is part of the Vocantas Communicate™ product line. Employees can report when they will be late or absent by text or phone using their employee  ID. Employees can enter their expected date of return to work (even if it is a multi-day absence) or expected time of arrival, if late. Further, employees can punch in and out, as well as transfer job locations via an interactive phone call. Late & Absent Reporting provides your organization with access to a completely automated and integrated solution, eliminating costs and time associated with manual inbound calls.

Punch In and Out…Touchless. COVID Ready Employees can punch in and out, as well as transfer job locations via an interactive phone call. The no touch process of automation is better with a COVID outbreak. Reduce your COVID risk. No need to touch the high touch time clock. No need to cluster in the time punch corridor with people coughing and possibly infectious. Punch in with any phone to keep transmission down. Our punch directly links to your Human Resource system.

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