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Labor-free Scheduling

Fast, automated communication with large groups of employees can transform your business by keeping more money in your organization's pocket while increasing efficiency.

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Service and Delivery

Vocantas has been solving complex scheduling and shift management problems in Service and Delivery for over 20 years. Our customers include some of North Americas largest distribution centers. We know employee shift absences and attendance tracking can be chaotic to manage, especially for a large workforce. Our solutions ensure workforces staffed to operate at maximum efficiency and organizations are ready to accommodate any resourcing challenge.

Automated Shift Filling

No more manual calls and cumbersome employee spreadsheets

  • Instantly send automated shift callouts to your workforce.
  • Fill shift vacancies or plan out your schedule in advance.
  • Send shift offers to fill multiple openings at once.
  • Let your employees choose their preferred communication method
    (Text, Phone, Mobile App, Email, Web Portal).

Track and Audit with Robust Reporting

  • Track open and closed shift callouts.
  • Verify where and when offers are sent and awarded.
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Late & Absent Reporting

Track late and absent shifts in real-time

  • Instantly be notified of employee attendance statuses.
  • Let your workforce easily text or call late or absent.
  • Keep your scheduling system up-to-date with seamless integrations.

Real-time Reporting

  • View late and absent employee reports in real-time.
  • Track trends, and drill down to individual employee habits.
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Broadcast Notifications

Keep in touch with your workforce

  • Send critical information quickly and reliably.
  • Easily inform staff of any news, emergencies, changes to workplace protocols, or procedures.
  • Instantly reach employees via text (SMS), phone (IVR), mobile app, email, or web portal.
  • Two-way communications let you view employee responses.
  • Send personalized information (Ex. next shift reminder, or shift details).
  • Organize recipients by building dynamic distribution lists or upload a file with contacts.

Robust Reporting

  • Ensure successful message delivery with notification reports.
  • See how and when each employee interacted with your message.
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Case Study

Customers increasing efficiency with Vocantas

Learn how Vocantas customers transformed their shift management and scheduling processes.


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