Vacation Planning now available in Vocantas Communicate

Communicate now enables organizations to plan enterprise-wide annual and peak vacation scheduling using the automated communication tools.

Ottawa - ON
September 2, 2021

Vocantas, an innovator in workforce management communications, announced today that it has added Vacation Planning to its Communicate™ Platform. The Communicate platform, already widely deployed across North America in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, service, and hospitality, now enables organizations to plan enterprise-wide annual and peak vacation scheduling using the automated communication tools built into Communicate. Vocantas continues to add new capabilities to its innovative platform to save its customers time and money by eliminating the routine manual tasks associated with managing and scheduling employees.

Staff can now self-serve by selecting their annual vacation preferences within the Communicate online portal to align with the internal scheduling and human resources rules set by management or collective agreements. Employees have access to an easy-to-use online portal using their mobile device or from any web browser. The automated vacation planner allows management to set the parameters for annual vacation planning and initiate the process within the Communicate portal. The solution then sends notifications to staff in order of seniority to select their vacation preference, with no manual intervention required from a scheduling administrator or the management team. The intelligence built into the solution then handles vacation overlap requests and ensures all staffing limits and procedures are followed in creating a seamless organization-wide vacation plan.

Automating vacation planning removes labour intensive manual processes and saves time and money for Vocantas customers while improving employee satisfaction. The beauty of the Vacation Planning feature within Communicate is that even small organizations can benefit from this automation. Rather than using spreadsheets or lunchroom bulletin boards, companies can use the scalable vacation planning features in Communicate to put the power of self-scheduling directly in their employee’s hands.

“Our expert team of designers and developers are proud of the easy to use solutions we continue to bring to market,” said Gary Hannah, CEO Vocantas. “Communicate is successful because we listened to schedulers that were manually executing vacation planning and built a solution specific to their needs. This is an exciting time for innovation in automated employee scheduling and communications, and Vocantas continues to succeed in winning customer’s trust and loyalty with its solutions.”

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