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Algonquin College Raises Student Retention by 7% Using Vocantas IVR

Vocantas Interactive Voice Reaches and Retains Students

Wednesday June 27, 2012

Vocantas Interactive Voice Reaches and Retains Students

Vocantas announced today that is proven successful Interactive Voice Response system, Scaller, has helped Algonquin College increase student retention by more than 7% in its most recent intake student group.

“At Algonquin, we are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive a positive, progressive college experience. Using the Vocantas IVR we are able to provide our students with real-time access to the many support services available at each of our campuses,” said Robert Gillett, President, Algonquin  College. “A 7% improvement in retention with students who engaged with the IVR is an outstanding result for any retention program. We are thrilled with the results of the Vocantas partnership and the student retention solution they provide.”

Scaller reaches out to students with a human voice asking a series of interactive questions that reveals areas where each student is struggling. Based on this information the College is able to follow up individually with students at highest risk of exiting their program prematurely and direct students to support services that meet their needs.

“The results of the latest campaign to Algonquin’s student intake group were outstanding. More than 63% of students interacted with the IVR and of those, 40% of students indicated that they needed help in at least one (out of seven areas) of need,” said Gary T. Hannah, President and CEO Vocantas. “Colleges and Universities use tools such as predictive modeling and past academic data to try to identify at risk students, however direct interaction with students and offering students an opportunity to raise their  hand virtually to say – I need help – has proven to dramatically improve retention success.”

In fact, the results of the student interaction show that just by receiving the initial call from the IVR,  student retention increased.  This proves the theory that IVR is like receiving a “virtual hug” and that human behavior dictates that we are more likely to succeed when someone reaches out to us to say – I care.

About  Algonquin College

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology was established in 1967 and was named after the First Nations people who lived in the area. Algonquin was formed from the merger of the  Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology, established 1957, and the Ontario  Vocational Centre, established 1965. The College celebrates 42 years as a leader in post secondary education, and has undergone significant growth since its establishment and continues to grow today.

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