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4S Dawn Clinical Software and Vocantas Partner to Bring Interactive Voice Solutions to Chronic Disease Clinics

With the Vocantas IVR running, clinics can improve their efficiency immediately.

Wednesday January 25, 2012

With the Vocantas IVR running, clinics can improve their efficiency immediately.

Vocantas and 4S Information Systems Ltd. jointly announced today that they have entered into a partnership to bring interactive voice response (IVR) and DAWN clinical software solutions to Chronic Disease Management clinics.

The joint technology automates patient management for hospitals and clinics. Patient health  record information resides in the DAWN chronic disease management database and using programmed business rules, the database activates the interactive voice response solution to make outbound calls to patients to remind them to attend appointments, provide medication dosing information and ensure patients remain compliant to their care plan. The patients’ health record is then automatically updated with the results of the voice interactive call and if required, notifies the clinic nurse or physician when escalated patient attention is required.

This combined solution saves hospitals and clinics money by automating what was a laborious manual job of making thousands of repetitious, routine phone calls to patients that are critical to keeping chronically ill patients healthy. The automated solution provides the added benefit of immediately updating the patient’s health record to indicate that the call was indeed made and that the patient confirmed, by speech recognition, that they received the information and are compliant with the instructions and care plan. Clinics that operate during business hours now have the added advantage of having the  automated system making calls to patients during evening and weekend hours when  patients are more likely to be at home.

“DAWN customers now have the opportunity to use a fully integrated interactive voice solution as an extension of their existing  database,” said Syd Stewart, Managing Director and Co Founder 4S Information Systems. “With the Vocantas IVR running, clinics can improve their efficiency immediately. Just think of eliminating the phone tag that clinics play with patients day after day, trying to confirm appointments, rebook missed appointments and update medication dosing instructions. With the Vocantas solution integrated with the DAWN software, clinic staff can focus on managing individual patient needs in the clinic rather than spending hours each day on the phone,” continued Stewart.

“Vocantas technology is currently deployed alongside the 4S DAWN software in several successful hospital applications and the results have been outstanding,” said Gary T. Hannah, President and CEO Vocantas. “The major hospitals that are  using this combined solution report that the seamless integration and patient acceptance of the solution exceeded their expectations. We are pleased to announce that we have formalized our partnership with 4S and that hospitals can now count on the complete integration of the two solutions to deploy the most efficient chronic disease management solution available today. Patients that suffer from Thrombosis for example, and take Warfarin on a  daily basis to prevent fatal adverse events, have come to rely on the reminder phone calls that the Vocantas voice response solution makes to them on a regular basis. Taking daily Warfarin is not a nice to have – it is a life or death situation for patients living with Thrombosis. Our solution ensures that  those reminder calls are never left to chance, – the system will never be too busy or take vacation, or simply forget to call each patient,” continued Hannah.

About 4S DAWN Clinical Software (4S Information Systems Ltd)

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to the care of the one billion or so people suffering with long term conditions world-wide by quickly providing exceptionally easy to use, robust software that gives better routine clinical decisions, better and more efficient care co-ordination and case management.

DAWN is a complete comprehensive software package designed for disease management or  medication management that helps alleviate the key frustrations of monitoring long-term patients taking potentially harmful drugs. 4S was founded in 1984 and has been involved in medical applications since start-up. Currently, we have 16 staff members and over 300 clients in 12 countries worldwide. An estimated 500,000 to 800,000 patients are managed using our software.

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