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10 Effective Employee Engagement Activities For 2022

Wednesday June 8, 2022

Research shows that businesses with thoroughly engaged workforces averaged 2.3 times greater revenue growth over a 3 year period than those with just average employee engagement levels. Employees play a key role in the success of any organization.

A happy, engaged and committed workforce is what helps a business grow, expand and thrive. In order to achieve this, businesses need to understand the importance of raising employee engagement and prioritising it.

What exactly is employee engagement?

Gallup defines employee engagement as the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace.

When employees feel engaged, they are emotionally committed to their company i.e. they care about the company and offer their best at the job – this is what leads to the success of the organisation! Listed here are 10 effective employee engagement activities that can help boost employee morale and promote a good work culture.

1. Enhance The Onboarding Experience –

Planning an engaging onboarding experience for the new employees will make them feel welcomed and valued from the very first day. This can be done by giving them a ‘welcome aboard’ package, formally introducing them to their team and providing them with easy access to all the resources that they may need.

2. Organize Friendly Competitions –

Set up friendly competitions between teams or departments within your organization. This will help bring some excitement in the routine, foster competitive spirit and give everyone something to look forward to. To add to the fun, you could also link some perks, benefits or gifts to it.

3. Host Employee Appreciation Events –

This can be as simple as having a pizza party at the end of the week or an annual award ceremony to honour your employees for their commitment and performance. Either way, employees will feel recognized and appreciated for their contribution as well as motivated to continue to excel at their job!

4. Conduct Professional Development Workshops –

Professional development workshops help satisfy employees’ needs for professional growth and career advancement. These workshops will help sharpen their overall skillset, thereby boosting their confidence substantially and ultimately raising employee engagement for the company.

5. Volunteer For a Cause – 

By volunteering for a cause, employees gain valuable skills through hands-on experience and feel a sense of contentment when they see their contributions make a difference! It helps build stronger relationships among colleagues by practicing empathy and nurturing better understanding amongst them.

6. Organize Retreats – 

Organizing team retreats is another actionable employee engagement activity as it offers them an opportunity to socialize with their colleagues outside of their work hours. It is an excellent way for them to get to know each other better, bond, and have some fun together!

7. Build a Mentorship Program –

A good mentorship program helps foster team spirit and commitment to the organization. Moreover, it is beneficial to both – the mentee and the mentor. While the mentee gets someone to guide him, the mentor learns to be more responsible.

8. Implement Self Scheduling –

Self scheduling allows employees to actively outline their availability to work and when they would prefer to be contacted for open shifts. Implementing this will not only boost employee satisfaction but also ensure optimum workforce management.

9. Ask For Honest Feedback –

Asking for employees’ feedback on the organization’s processes, new initiatives, etc. can help them feel valued and involved. Honest feedback and open communication help build trust and foster a sense of belonging amongst the workforce.

10. Celebrate Special Occasions –

Lastly, make sure you celebrate special occasions like birthdays, personal milestones, work anniversaries, and retirement at your company. This is a wonderful way to show your employees that you care for their growth and are invested in their overall well-being.

Wrapping up

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