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Vocantas Launches Auto Shift Callout 2.3 for Ultimate Real-time Staff Scheduling

November 3, 2020

April 4, 2018 – OTTAWA, ON. – Vocantas announced today general availability of the new Automated Shift Callout™ (ASC) 2.3, which offers schedulers even greater flexibility and configurability to reproduce manual business processes with automated real-time communication through text messaging, email and interactive voice.

With ASC 2.0 already widely deployed with more than 100 hospitals and long term care facilities in Canada and the US using the solution sending and receiving millions of calls, texts and emails every month, ASC is improving communication for the healthcare industry at an exponential rate.

Taking action on feedback from the widespread ASC™ user community, Vocantas has added powerful configuration options into ASC 2.3 that allow staff scheduling offices to streamline their shift award processes across many hospital settings to ensure all staff are treated fairly and according to collective bargaining agreements for shift distribution.

 “Auto Shift Callout has been wildly successful, and the feedback from our extensive user base has been an integral part of the ongoing development of the product. With thousands of Schedulers using this powerful tool every day to communicate with nurses and healthcare support workers, we have the opportunity to add features to the product that come directly from our partners with real world experience, driving our roadmap to create maximum efficiency and operational benefit of the Auto Shift Callout product,” said Gary Hannah, CEO, Vocantas.

The human capital management industry was in desperate need of a disruptive technology to reduce operational costs associated with manual staff scheduling practices. Scheduling thousands of employees everyday using manual outbound phone calls to find out who’s available to take a shift was obviously no longer cutting it – and managing a workforce with such complex scheduling rules, from union requirements to unique skill sets and fatigue policies, the communication platform needed to be smart enough to integrate directly to a staff scheduling solution. The Vocantas team has succeeded in bringing this communication solution to market, widely deploying the solution and now demonstrating their commitment to ongoing improvements in the product that directly impacts the efficiency with which schedulers do their jobs on a daily basis.

ASC 2.3 is available now, having passed rigorous quality assurance testing in the Vocantas lab to ensure that customers can hit the ground running with this robust new version of the solution.

For hospitals and long term care facilities, and any large organization that manages staff with complex scheduling requirements, the Auto Shift Callout solution puts the power of real time communication at your schedulers’ fingertips and saves you time and money from the first day of implementation. If you haven’t explored the benefits of Auto Shift Callout yet, what are you waiting for?

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