Powerful Integrated Voice

Vocantas provides award-winning intelligent voice, text, and email software solutions to improve patient, student, employee, and customer outreach.


“Vocantas has been very professional (responsive, knowledgeable and supportive) during our implementation. It was really
nice to see an implementation that actually followed closely along with the plan set out in the beginning. Rare in IT.”

- Manager IMIT BC Health Authority

“I have never seen such a large project come in, on time and on budget with so little negative ripple
effect in the organization.”

- CIO BC Health Authority

The Vocantas Advantage

Collaborative Partners

  • We are with you from start to finish and keep supporting you always.
  • Fun, reliable, and energized team – we love what we do and it shows.
  • We're not happy until you're happy!

We Know Your Business

  • We have experience with multiple industries.
  • Our technology responds to real-life business needs.

Flexible Infrastructure

  • Cloud, premise, and hybrid hosting options available.
  • Data centers to meet privacy and security needs.

Communications Experts

  • More than a decade of experience building interactive voice, text, and email solutions.
  • We know call flows!

Amazing Support

  • Friendly, local support, never outsourced.
  • 24/7 support available 365 days/year.
  • Our support team knows our applications inside and out.

We Speak Your Language

  • Our voice solutions support 54 languages.
  • Our scripts are designed to be friendly and conversational maximising the user experience.

The most powerful interactive voice solutions on the market,
At the most competitive total cost, 
With the best support, expertise and partner knowledge.

For more than a decade we have been committed to providing customers with the very best in interactive voice solutions.

Large acute care hospitals rely on our solutions every day to communicate with their patients, providing critical care solutions solely based on Vocantas technology. National research organizations, universities, colleges and utilities rely on Vocantas technology to communicate reliably with their patients, students and customers every single day. Even global organizations such as the Red Cross use Vocantas technology to reach out to citizens during times of crisis and natural disasters.

LoneWorker OnCall

Survey IVR

IVR Monitor

Medical Research Surveys

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Post Discharge Follow Up

Emergency Notification

Chronic Disease Management

Absence Reporting

Custom Built IVR Solutions

Utilities OnCall


Auto Shift Callout

Patient Reminders

Success Stories

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All-In Pricing

Everything you need to successfully use the IVR and benefit from the expertise of our team is included in the prices of our products from developing call flows and scripts that work, to error handling and reports.

No Hidden Fees or Surprises

Vocantas does not charge per minute. This is a real trap when it comes to how some vendors price their solution. Price per second or minute or per dial/call sets the stage for the IVR to be used ineffectively. Scripts end up being cut short and retries to patients, students, or clients are not made so that costs are kept down.

  • No per-second, per-minute, or per-call charges.
  • No charges for retries.
  • No charge for answering machine detection.
  • No charge for long distance.**

Your Success is Our Success

The reason we price our solution this way – is that success for us – is when the IVR reaches a patient or student who reports improved overall satisfaction with their experience just by getting our phone call. You simply cannot accomplish that when you rush through short scripts without interacting in a warm human voice.

Contact us for your free business case showing ROI for a typical hospital, clinic, college, university or utility using Vocantas IVR.

** Vocantas Utilities OnCall and Professional Services customers may opt to incur long distance or fee based charges based on hosted solutions without all in pricing.

Featured Products

Auto Shift Callout

Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Need to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts? Auto shift callout saves time and money by introducing efficiency to your scheduling process.
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Fills shifts faster.

Absence Reporting

Vocantas' Absence Reporting module allows employees to call in to or text a centralized number to register an absence or lateness. The call flow allows employees to indicate a reason for their absence or lateness.
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Be prepared for the unexpected.

Emergency Notification

Being prepared is the best way to offset the challenges we face when emergencies arise. Our Interactive Emergency Notification software will ensure you're prepared to react to any emergency 24/7.
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Notifications, fast.

Utilities OnCall

Reduce call center traffic, customers self-serve 24/7, accept bill payments by phone, and unify customer service offerings with our complete public utilities solution.
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An intelligent voice for your utility.


Increase student retention and satisfaction with our interactive student engagement software.
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Engage and retain your students.