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Navigating Healthcare Staffing Shortages: Solutions For Automated Shift Management


Join us to gain real-world insights into the tangible impacts of staffing shortages on healthcare organizations and learn how technology solutions can address operational challenges to ensure better patient outcomes. 

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Katie Tiffany


Guest Presenter: Katie Tiffany

Katie is a highly dedicated and compassionate registered nurse with over 12 years of comprehensive experience in various healthcare settings in the USA and Canada. She has a proven track record of leadership and has worked in emergency departments, obstetrics, and surgical units in city and community hospitals.

About the Webinar

Gain practical insights into the real-world impacts of staffing shortages on healthcare organizations from experienced registered nurse Katie Tiffany. In the webinar, Katie provides valuable insights into the day-to-day realities of staffing shortfalls, and how they affect both the operations and patient care.

You will get a deeper understanding of innovative approaches to shift management through technology that can help bridge the gap, simplify processes, provide better work-life balance, and improve the quality of care. 

Key Learnings:

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