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Case Study: Hôpital Montfort Uses Callassure to Keep Patients Safe and Well Informed


Hôpital Montfort, located in Ottawa, Ontario, needed to increase quality of service and operational efficiency.  The Montfort selected Vocantas’ CallAssure™, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, to call patients for appointment reminders and post discharge follow up calls. The system also allows the hospital to contact staff members during emergencies and confirm whether staff members are able to present at the hospital. Montfort is pleased with their decision to choose Vocantas due to their experience, courtesy, and helpfulness from the start of the project.

An automated solution would further allow the hospital to ensure that all patients received the same clinical information based on their  appointment type.


The Hôpital Montfort is an award-winning hospital with over 1700 employees, providing the best quality of care for their patients by implementing strategies and leading-edge technologies that result in operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. In 2013, Hôpital Montfort was recognized as a Group A University Teaching Hospital, and its Simulation Learning Programme received the highest level of recognition issued by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. In 2014, Hôpital Montfort was Accredited with Exemplary Standing through Accreditation Canada and received the OHA Quality Healthcare Award.


The administration at Hôpital Montfort became dissatisfied with their appointment scheduling processes. These were detailed written processes that did not involve technology; this method resulted in a high volume of paper, which took up a lot of space and easily became disorganized. Tracking down patient information, scheduled appointments, openings, and which patients to call with an appointment reminder was tedious and time consuming; further, the patients then had to be called and reminded of their appointments, another time consuming task as many patients would have to be called multiple times to be reached. These tasks were monopolizing the work day for many staff members, and Montfort recognized that many of these tasks could be streamlined, organized and deployed by an automated technology solution that would exponentially increase the efficiency of their clinical resources.

The hospital decided to pursue an automated appointment reminder solution to remind patients of their appointments, confirm their attendance, and follow up with patients who missed appointments. An automated solution would further allow the hospital to ensure that all patients received the same clinical information based on their appointment type.


The hospital issued a Request for Information; followed by a Request for Proposals and received a proposal from Vocantas. Hôpital Montfort selected Vocantas’ CallAssure Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution from all vendor responses to the RFP, to increase their operational efficiency and improve their quality of service.

Montfort had several goals that were achieved through the deployment of CallAssure:

  • To maintain a high quality of information, thereby improving patient experience
  • To standardize processes, ensuring that all patients receive the same clinical information in the same manner and at the same time (e.g. 24 hours before their appointment)
  • To improve administrative procedures and use clinical resources more efficiently

The CallAssure solution, designed specifically for healthcare providers, not only handles appointment reminders; the solution makes automatic post discharge calls to patients as well to ensure that they have made the transition from hospital stay to home — safely. CallAssure can also store employee information and make emergency call outs to hospital staff to warn them of emergency situations and give them specific instructions as to what steps they should take. The call will also ask staff members if they can present at the hospital, allowing the hospital to boost their resources and prepare for a higher volume of patients. Employee responses are available in real time using the CallAssure multi-modal web portal.

The Vocantas team was cordial,  respectful and willing to adapt to our needs, as well as guide us through the process. We had several face to face meetings followed by weekly  conference calls and emails that were answered in a timely manner. The team members we worked with were helpful, knowledge-savvy, and most of all, helpful in guiding our Project  Management Director in having a  successful project. I would gladly recommend them as partners.
– Philippe Marleau – Vice President, Quality and Organizational Performance Hôpital Montfort


  • Patient experience has improved, and standardized call questions give clinical and administrative staff precise patient information.
  • The quality of service has increased as staff can focus their attention on better service rather than administrative tasks.
  • The new process is simple and time efficient.
  • The hospital is prepared for an emergency and will be able to contact the staff members they need depending on the nature of the emergency and the volume of patients they can expect.

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