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Is Your Scheduling System Still Supported?

Have you checked on your scheduling system lately? Is it reliable and supported?

Thursday August 29, 2019

Did you know that some widely used automated shift fill and late absent reporting systems are no longer being supported? Using unreliable scheduling products could adversely affect your business process! Vocantas has had a number of new clients experience challenges with outdated scheduling systems. The good news is that our multimodal automated communication solution, Communicate™, can integrate with 99% of human capital management systems! Vocantas’ sophisticated software is designed to automate various manual communication processes related to staff scheduling and filling open shifts using interactive text, voice, email, and mobile app allowing you to connect with your employees on their terms.

Vocantas is offering an intelligent solution to support customers whose scheduling products are no longer supported. Our “Conversion Program” is designed to help organizations seamlessly migrate without being double billed if there is an overlap in scheduling software agreements!*

Vocantas’ friendly support team is committed to helping organizations from start to finish! We ensure that communicating with customers is always stress-free and efficient! For more information contact us today at or +1 613 271 8853.

*Some conditions apply. Please call for details.

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