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How Vocantas Communicate is Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing

Tuesday June 20, 2023

Vocantas Communicate has emerged as the communication platform preferred by a majority, accounting for 55%, of Canada’s healthcare sector. It is also the most widely deployed healthcare workforce management partner in North America. Here’s what makes it the communication platform of choice for all its partners –

About Vocantas Communicate

Vocantas Communicate is an industry leader in automated shift management that ensures healthcare organizations are always staffing to operate at maximum efficiency. Our communication platform enables healthcare organizations to gain real-time visibility into their workforce and fulfil their ongoing mission to deliver continuous healthcare services to the community more confidently. It ensures resource continuity, eliminates delays and uncertainty and reduces scheduling team running costs to a large extent.

In short, it is the end of manual scheduling in the healthcare industry. Our solution does the heavy lifting for healthcare staffing and fills all the gaps so that you can focus on high-value tasks rather than multitudinous details. It is smart automated shift filling doing what it does best.

Key Features:

At Vocantas, we believe that only by focusing all our time and expertise on the healthcare sector can we truly add depth and increase the operational value of our communication platform for automated shift filling. This is why our solution is designed especially for the healthcare sector. Some of its key USPs include:

  • Real-time analytics: Going digital and leveraging automation provides rich insights to inform smarter decisions. Our solution evaluates the time taken, workforce responsiveness and other parameters for performance improvement. After all, continuous improvement is the key to success.
  • Sequential call-outs: It sends notifications for shift filling to tiered groups. If the first group doesn’t respond, Vocantas Communicate automatically moves on to the next group, ensuring that all available options are exhausted before resorting to manual fillings for healthcare staffing.
  • Onboarding: It offers the fastest software implementation in the industry—as short as 5 days.
  • Rich feature set: It has rich feature sets and modules that have been designed and customized specifically for the operational requirements of the healthcare industry.
  • Multiple integrations: We offer more choices for integrations with customers’ existing WFM solutions than all our competitors.

In conclusion, Vocantas Communicate provides more empowerment for the healthcare industry than any other solution on the market. For over 18 years, it has been providing extensive support to schedulers with respect to shift planning and tackling staffing challenges through real-time communication. If you’re looking for a healthcare workforce management partner, reach out to us at Vocantas for a free consultation. Get in touch with us here.

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