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Go Ahead, Eat Some Cake: Quality Customer Service without Compromise

At Vocantas, we believe that good communication extends further than the strength of our handshakes or the quality of our eye contact.

Tuesday June 20, 2017

At Vocantas, we believe that good communication extends further than the strength of our handshakes or the quality of our eye contact. For over a decade, we have worked on developing interactive voice response solutions that communicate not just with customers, but with other solutions – for example, Customer Information Systems, payment processors, and electronic bill presentment systems. When these solutions communicate well together, customer experience is exponentially improved.

Many companies cannot, or do not, consider the holistic experience, and this leads to compromise. A utility, for example, may want one solution to perform a variety of jobs; a CIS that offers an IVR on the side with a built-in payment processor. But a company that specializes in producing a slick CIS does not necessarily specialize in IVR, and the natural conclusion is end user frustration, no matter how convenient this solution may be. Or, a company wants a good CIS, a good payment processor, and a good IVR – but if these solutions do not communicate well, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. The end user is no happier.

Fortunately, synergy that leads to satisfied customers is not a pipe dream. Vocantas has spent over ten years developing best-in-class IVR solutions, and then finding the best of the best in payment processing, electronic bill presentment, and more – and integrating. Seamless, smooth, invisible to the end user; you can have a one-stop-shop solution that specializes in everything. Convenient and efficient for you, effective and easy to use for the end user – that is what we call good communication!

In addition to integration with any PBX via standard telephony protocols, here are some of the solutions we integrate with to assist companies in offering customer service that satisfies:

CIS/Billing Systems:

  • Oracle CIS            
  • Cogsdale
  • Meditech
  • InvoiceCloud
  • Harris Advanced Infinity CIS
  • NorthStar CIS
  • SAP
  • Oracle CC&B
  • Ventyx/ABB             


  • Avaya
  • Shoretel
  • Mitel
  • Cisco

And many more!

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