Vacation Planning

Take the manual effort out of vacation planning and give your team the tools to help plan during peak times.

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Integrates seamlessly with your workforce management system

Vacation Planning

The Vocantas Communicate™ solution helps you plan your enterprise-wide vacation scheduling. Using the employee portal, your staff can select their vacation preferences during peak times with priority set by your internal rules. Employees will have access to the portal using their own mobile device or web browser. Send notifications when it’s time to log back in and confirm or make another selection. Remove the manual time and effort from your labour intensive vacation planning processes using the seamless innovation built into our Communicate solution.

How it works

Vacation Planning

1. Launch Vacation Planning Process 

Schedulers send a notification to employees that the vacation planning process is beginning and they should log into their portal to select their preferred vacation.

2. Employees Log Vacation Data

Employees log into the portal and select their preferred week(s) of vacation. Manage busy vacation periods with ease.

3. Evaluate Vacation Plan

Communicate notifies your schedulers who should be awarded the preferred vacation week based on accruals, seniority and any other rules configured in your Communicate solution or workforce management system.

4. Vacation Confirmation/Reselection

Employees are notified if they have been granted their preferred vacation date or if they need to select another vacation time.

Features and Benefits

Plan with Ease

Reduce Time

Remove the extensive time commitment involved in managing paper based vacation planning.

Reduce Costs

Reallocate FTE resources by making your vacation planning more efficient.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Give your employees the power to be involved in their vacation planning in real time.


Every action is tracked and reportable during the vacation planning process. Reduce grievances with trackable bread crumbs.

Ease of Use

Employees use the same employee portal as Communicate, making it quick and easy to use. The employee portal is accessible via mobile device or web browser.

Deep Integrations

Communicate Vacation Planning integrates directly to your workforce management system, meaning planned vacation time is automatically updated and recorded.


Powering Communicate

Phone (IVR), SMS, Mobile App, Email

Leverage multiple modes of communication to reach your staff and ensure your message is delivered.

Employee Portal (Self-Serve)

Included as part of the Communicate platform is the Employee Portal. Allow your employees to manage their shifts, availability, contact preferences, notifications and more.

Reports and Alerts

View reports and alerts across the Communicate™ Platform in our robust reports section. Pull historical and real-time reports to ensure you’re on track.

Hosting & Monitoring

Vocantas Communicate can be hosted or deployed to your network. We continuously monitor to ensure your system is always running.

API integration

Vocantas is fully integrated with the top workforce management platforms. Sync your data seamlessly and ensure you are always working with the latest scheduling data. 

We Keep Your Data Safe

Security Certifications

Vocantas takes data security seriously. In addition to being SOC Type 2 certified, we are continuously investing into the highest standard of security compliance.

Case Study

Customers increasing efficiency with Vocantas

Learn how Vocantas customers transformed their shift management and scheduling processes.


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