Smart Analytics

Analyze your scheduling efficiency – evaluate the time it takes to fill shifts, workforce responsiveness, and more. Compare your organizations performance to industry standards.

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Integrates seamlessly with your workforce management system

Smart Analytics

Analyze your scheduling efficiency and optimize your workflows. See how long it takes to fill shifts and evaluate which communication methods work best to reach your staff. Uncover actionable insights by job type, department, or employee pool. With Smart Analytics administrators can also run side by side comparisons to industry standard metrics and discover areas to optimize scheduling management processes.

How it works

Smart Analytics 

1. Access Smart Analytics

Administrators navigate to Smart Analytics in the Communicate™ portal.

2. Run Analytics Reports

Administrators can choose to run canned reports or create custom reports with filters and compare against industry wide data provided by Vocantas.

3. Increase efficiency

Administrators gain full visibility of scheduling performance and uncover areas to increase efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Actionable Insights

Keep up with Industry Standards

See how your scheduling metrics stack up to industry standards. Dig into disparities and adjust your workflows.

Optimize Workflows

Discover areas for improvement and tweak your workflows for optimal performance.

Uncover Inefficiencies

Identify and correct inefficiencies in your workflows and adjust business rules to meet best practices.

View Workforce Responsiveness

See which methods of employee communication yield the most awarded shifts and have the highest response rates.

Evaluate Trends

Catch scheduling trends in real time and identify issues that require pre-emptive intervention.

We Keep Your Data Safe

Security Certifications

Vocantas takes data security seriously. In addition to being SOC Type 2 certified, we are continuously investing into the highest standard of security compliance.

Case Study

Customers increasing efficiency with Vocantas

Learn how Vocantas customers transformed their shift management and scheduling processes.


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