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Is your emergency broadcast system giving you night sweats?

November 3, 2020

You are sitting on the beach enjoying a beautiful morning at the ocean when your phone beeps with an incoming text: Ballistic Missile Threat – Take Shelter – This is not a drill.

For 38 long minutes, you believe your life as you know it is over. As you hide in a bathtub waiting for the end to come and your life flashes before your eyes, the furthest thing from your mind is “I wonder which vendor was selected to source our emergency broadcast system?”.

Wow – first Hawaii and now Japan.

Just how does that emergency button get pushed accidentally? Of course the hacker theories are aplenty – and yes, perhaps the emergency broadcast systems were hacked, or perhaps the employee did incorrectly select from the drop down menu

We have the answer! Reduce your night sweats and prevent panic; use an emergency broadcast system that is securely built and includes multiple levels of authority to launch. The lesson here is to give your emergency broadcast system the attention it is due. Buy or build a solution that is secure,  and ensures that a single well-intentioned employee could never mistakenly create havoc for thousands of unassuming employees, customers or citizens.

Contact us anytime to chat about your Emergency Broadcast needs – let us do the worrying for you!

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