WF Self-Serve with Punch Functionality

Enable your employees to notify you of their absences, lateness and punches

Cutting-edge technologies, industry trends and best practices are all part of the automotive industry. To ensure that you keep up with the demands of the industry, you need a multichannel, two-way interactive employee communication solution that seamlessly integrates to your scheduling system. WF Self-Serve with Punch functionality is part of the Vocantas Communicate™ system. Employees can report latenesses or absences by text or phone using their employee ID. Employees can enter expected date of return to work (even if it is a multi-day absence) or expected time of arrival if late. In addition, employees can punch in/out and transfer job locations via an interactive phone call. WF Self-Serve provides your organization with access to a completely automated and integrated solution, eliminating costs and time associated with manual inbound calls.

About WF Self-Serve Punch Functionality

An exciting enhancement to WF Self-Serve is Punch, which allows employees to call to indicate a punch or a job transfer. When Punch is used paycodes can be updated in your scheduling system. Punch provides two-way communication with real-time interactive responses. As always, communication is tracked for audit purposes, decreasing grievances.

How Does Absent and Late Reporting Work?

Employees text or call a centralized number to indicate absence or late arrival using their employee ID and preferred method of contact – text or interactive phone call.

For a Full Day Call Off: System enables users who will be absent to enter a reason for absence based on configurable options. Users can enter expected date of return to work even if it is a multi-day absence.

For a Late In Report: User can report lateness and enter their time of return based on configurable options.

Method of Confirmation: WF Self-Serve system will provide user a confirmation number for the absence/lateness and communicate the confirmation number back to the user via the medium it was informed (phone or text).

Features and Benefits

  • Hosted, web-based system that allows system administrators to track absenteeism, reported lateness and punches by a variety of metrics
  • Provides two-way communication with real-time interactive responses
  • Better flexibility for employees encourages work-life balance with multiple modes of communication
  • Paycodes can be updated in your scheduling system
  • System is fast is and easy to use
  • Offers real-time robust reporting capabilities for tracking and auditing purposes, decreasing grievances
  • Management can track trends, drill down to individual employee’s habits (e.g. are they consistently late or absent Monday mornings)
  • Opportunity for human error diminished• Supports multiple languages and speech recognition

Communicate Modules

WF Self-Serve with Punch Functionality

Vocantas' WF Self-Serve module allows employees to call in to or text a centralized number to register an absence or lateness as well as punch on and out easily with any device. Employees to indicate a reason for their absence or lateness and enter a date and time for return to work.
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Automated Shift Fill

Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Need to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts? Automated Shift Fill saves time and money by introducing efficiency to your scheduling process
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Informs staff of emergency information (i.e., Do not come to work due to inclement weather). Also providing non urgent communications to all staff regardless of mode chosen – email, text, phone or app.
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