Post Discharge Follow Up

Improve patient safety.

Reduce adverse events and improve patient outcomes with consistent, reliable, follow up calls.

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Post Discharge Follow Up

Improves patient safety — provides consistent, reliable follow up.

A module of the CallAssure platform, our Post-Discharge Follow-up software calls patients after they have been discharged from hospital. Patients are given instructions on post discharge care, typically the same instructions they were given upon leaving the hospital.

The discharge script that relates to the specific patient's experience is then provided in a survey format. This allows the post discharge follow-up software to record the patient's answer and thereby notify the clinic if in fact the patient is compliant with the discharge instructions.

Post Discharge Follow Up


Detailed Reporting

Easily see who was contacted when, their responses to questions asked, and whether they require follow up from a nurse.

Multiple Modes of Contact

Connect with patients using interactive voice calls, text messages, and email.

High Patient Acceptance

Our expertise in handling patient calls leads to enthusiastic acceptance of our technology even amongst seniors.

Interactive Follow Up Calls

Our post discharge follow up calls will ask patients questions specific to their case and record their responses.

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Post Discharge Follow Up

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Post Discharge Follow Up

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