Patient Reminders

Automated interactive outreach.

Patient appointment reminders and missed appointment follow-ups.

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Patient Reminders

A module of the CallAssure platform, our Patient Reminders software automatically calls patients to remind them of their appointments and of any pre-appointment instructions.

  • Reduce missed appointments and reduce wait times by back filling no shows sooner.
  • Follow up and rebook missed appointments.        
  • Patients attend appointments and procedures fully compliant with pre-appointment instructions.

Patient Reminders


Versatile and Configurable

Works for appointment reminders, missed appointments and more.

Natural Interactions

Provide a more natural experience for patients with conversational interactions.

Multiple Modes of Contact

Get better connection rates with interactive voice call, text message, and email reminders.

Part of the CallAssure Family

Bundle and Save when you pair

Patient Reminders

with other CallAssure™ products

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Patient Reminders

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