IVR Monitor

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IVR Monitor

Ensure IVR Uptime, Minimize Loss of Service

IVR Monitoring is ideal for companies with mission-critical or 24x7 operations, such as hospitals, banks with 24x7 self-service IVR, emergency notification systems or companies with global employee or customer base. Monitoring the IVR system contributes to ensuring maximum uptime and minimizes loss of service which can, in addition to loss of revenue, have legal ramifications and result into negative publicity and higher customer attrition.

Offer Value-added Services, Meet Service Level Agreements

Another group that can benefit from IVR monitoring includes companies that provide IVR hosting services as well as integrators or ISVs. For these companies, IVR monitoring can acts as a support tool for meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA) or they can provide IVR monitoring to their customers as a value-added service .

IVR Monitor


Robust Configuration

IVR Monitor is fully configurable to suit your exact IVR monitoring needs.

Secure Web Interface

Ensure access is restricted to authorized personnel.

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IVR Monitor

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