Looking for a Mobile Scheduling Replacement?

Vocantas provides reliable inbound and outbound interactive communications

Need a replacement for your mobile scheduling system that is reliable and full featured? Vocantas has what you need! We provide inbound and outbound interactive communication solutions. Our inbound Absence Reporting lets you be prepared for the unexpected by receiving absence and late notifications by voice and text messages.

Our automated outbound solution integrates with your current scheduling system to connect with staff to fill open shifts fast using interactive text, voice and email. Automated Shift Fill offers:

  • Convenient web access for schedulers and employees
  • Robust reporting
  • Deep integration with top scheduling platforms
  • Cloud ready
  • Mobile friendly


WF Self-Serve with Punch Functionality

Vocantas' WF Self-Serve module allows employees to call in to or text a centralized number to register an absence or lateness as well as punch on and out easily with any device. Employees to indicate a reason for their absence or lateness and enter a date and time for return to work.
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Be prepared for the unexpected.

Automated Shift Fill

Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Need to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts? Automated Shift Fill saves time and money by introducing efficiency to your scheduling process
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Fills shifts faster.


Informs staff of emergency information (i.e., Do not come to work due to inclement weather). Also providing non urgent communications to all staff regardless of mode chosen – email, text, phone or app.
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