IVR Privacy

Vocantas Inc. is committed to controlling the collection,  use and disclosure of the personal information provided by its clients. The   Vocantas Privacy Policy is modeled after the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and is compliant with federal and provincial privacy laws including the federal Personal Information  Protection and Electronic Documents Act. An additional feature if you are Canadian is that your information never needs to cross the border!

Automated calling process

To maintain Vocantas’ reputation for its strict adherence to Canadian and North American privacy regulations (PIPEDA and HIPPA), the  following policies and procedures are implemented with regards to the  initiation of an automated telephone call as well as the management of the data collected during the call.

Unless specifically requested by our client, Vocantas does not use an individual's proper name during the telephone call. A unique  identifier for each contact is requested from the client as well as a corresponding telephone number. The unique identifier can be any number or alpha-numeric combination. This information is required so that our clients may contact the correct individual if required.

All connected calls will request the recipient to confirm that they are the designated occupant of the number that was contacted. If the  caller confirms that they are the correct occupant, they will be asked if they agree to participate in the survey. If the caller is not the correct occupant, the call will be retried at another time and the system will hang up. If the caller does not agree to participate in the survey, they will be thanked and the system will hang up. If the caller confirms that they are the correct occupant, they will be asked the survey questions and the data will be collected.

Data transfer procedure

Data collected from the calls is availabe through a secure write-only web service. Each  site can individually upload information and review reports, however by secure password and administrative settings users can view all data. Any change to the designated administrative contact must be confirmed in advance in writing.

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