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Patientway and Vocantas Partner to Bring Hospitals Ultimate Patient Connection Solution

Patients check-in like they are boarding an airplane, and get phone calls as if they have their own personal concierge

Wednesday January 25, 2012

PatientWay, Inc., a leading provider of patient self-service registration kiosks, and Vocantas, Inc., an expert in successful interactive  voice response (IVR) for healthcare, announced today that they have partnered to  bring an extraordinary combined patient interaction system to market.

PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence comments “We are energized by this partnership with Vocantas. Together our combined solution offers the most proactive and robust patient interaction solution on the market.  We can now offer hospitals a completely optimized patient experience by interacting with patients before they ever get  to the hospital with phone call appointment reminders, and then making them a  more active part of the registration and check-in process with onsite kiosks, patients  can now play an active role in providing a smooth admission process. The overall result of using this combined  solution? Reducing time and expenses  associated with administration and ultimately increasing patient and staff  satisfaction.”

“Hospitals are continuously looking for ways to adopt technology to enhance both patient and staff satisfaction,” said Gary Hannah, President and CEO, Vocantas. “Our combined PatientWay and Vocantas solution brings the patient experience full circle, from receiving an  interactive phone call to connect with the patient and have them commit to attending their hospital or clinic appointment, to checking into the hospital admitting process at a kiosk as if they were checking into a flight at the airport, and finally receiving a follow up phone call at their home after their hospital visit to ensure they have understood their post-discharge instructions and have filled and started taking their prescriptions. This solution is the ultimate patient care and satisfaction solution available today,” continued Hannah.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve patient education in order to prevent adverse events and hospital re-admission. The expense to our healthcare system for  these incidents are crippling and we must find innovative ways to keep patients compliant and healthy. Organizations that are willing to work with healthcare experts to bring new solutions to market, such as the PatientWay and Vocantas solution, are offering hospitals and clinics new options for solving complex issues within our health system.

Hospitals measure patient response ratings in areas such as level of emotional support in  delivery of care; and the level of information and education provided to the patient before during and after a hospital visit. The new PatientWay-Vocantas solution is designed to address and improve the patient experience from start to finish.

About  PatientWay

The  PatientWay team is building on the experience gained working with 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario since 2004. Under the name Infonium we developed and maintain the Ontario government’s most innovative and reliable accountability reporting systems. Our operational expertise combined with the  insight that was gained into hospital processes and information systems led to the creation of PatientWay in 2009.

Patients  are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare. By making patients a more active part of the registration and check-in process, healthcare organizations can gain significant time and cost savings, while increasing patient and staff  satisfaction. We make it easy for patients to participate – that is what we do.  The PatientWay Suite streamlines patient access through web, kiosk and  mobile apps. Hospitals using PatientWay are reporting benefits such as  50% less data errors, 78% patient adoption rate and $400,000 in annual  operational savings.

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