Future Shift Planning

Fill shifts in advance and plan out your organization’s schedule. Ensure shifts are filled far into the future.

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Integrates seamlessly with your workforce management system

Future Shift Planning

Allows schedulers to post shift offers so they can fill schedules far in advance. Employees are notified of multiple available shifts through a single automated callout and are prompted to mark their availability in Communicate’s employee portal. No more lunchroom postings, Future Shift Planning automates shift management so schedulers can fill shifts in minutes. Prepare schedules in advance and see when and where you need to fill shifts with real-time updates from your workforce management system.

How it Works

Future Shift Planning

1. Group Multiple Shifts

Schedulers group multiple shifts to be filled and launch a single callout to their workforce with Communicate™.

2. Launch Callout

Employees receive a notification via phone, text, email, or mobile app to bid on future shift offers via Employee Portal.

3. Fill Shifts in Advance

Schedulers now have visibility of any gaps in their long term schedule and can fill shift vacancies as required.

Features and Benefits

Ditch the manual processes and increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Streamline your scheduling process by automatically filling multiple shifts in your schedule at once. Instantly see a list of eligible employees to fill multiple shifts.

Add Organizational Rules

Set organizational rules to prioritize shift offers to specific employees by union rules or let Communicate™ automatically award shifts.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Give your employees visibility of future work opportunity and allow them to select shifts that fit their schedule rather than last minute additions.

Robust Reporting

All interactions are tracked and reportable in the shift callout process. Reduce grievances with trackable bread crumbs.

Ease of Use

Let employees choose the method of communication that works best for them. Communicate’s Employee Portal lets users easily track and manage shift offers.

Deep Integration

Communicate integrates directly to your workforce management system so shift data is updated in real-time. No need for awkward batch data transfers.


Powering Communicate

Phone (IVR), SMS, Mobile App, Email

Leverage multiple modes of communication to reach your staff and ensure your message is delivered.

Employee Portal (Self-Serve)

Included as part of the Communicate platform is the Employee Portal. Allow your employees to manage their shifts, availability, contact preferences, notifications and more.

Reports and Alerts

View reports and alerts across the Communicate Platform in our robust reports section. Pull historical and real-time reports to ensure you’re on track.

Hosting & Monitoring

Vocantas Communicate can be hosted or deployed to your network. We continuously monitor to ensure your system is always running.

API integration

Vocantas is fully integrated with the top workforce management platforms. Sync your data seamlessly and ensure you are always working with the latest scheduling data. 

We Keep Your Data Safe

Security Certifications

Vocantas takes data security seriously. In addition to being SOC Type 2 certified, we are continuously investing into the highest standard of security compliance.

Two views of an iPhone 12. First view: fist page of the communicate app showing all available shifts to fill. Second view: one of the open shifts expanded to a details page.
Mobile App

Mobile App

Vocantas’ Communicate Mobile app gives users an easy way view and bid on open shifts instantly. Pop into the app to see all available open shifts or respond to shift offers directly from push notifications. Keep in touch with your workforce using the notification feature. Send mass notifications to your teams viewable via the Communicate Mobile notifications tab.

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Case Study

Customers increasing efficiency with Vocantas

Learn how Vocantas customers transformed their shift management and scheduling processes.


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