What is Communicate?

Vocantas Communicate™Inbound and Outbound are multi-modal communication suites with two-wayinteractive text, voice, and email. Embedded in Kronos® Workforce Dimensions™,the suite gives employees and employers efficient and intuitive softwaresolutions at their fingertips.

Inbound module enables employees to self-report lateness or absence directly into Workforce Dimensions via phone or text
Outbound module replaces schedulers making manual phone calls to fill open shifts with two-way interactive communication via text, interactive voice, and email. Included in the Outbound module is Automated Staff Alert – an emergency notification system that alerts staff in minutes when emergency situations arise, including inclement weather, facility shutdown, and shift start delays

Using the rich intelligence in Workforce Dimensions with the embedded automated communications of Vocantas, customers can use text, phone,and email for filling shifts and allowing employees to report an unplanned absence or that they are running late. Workforce Dimensions is updated in real time by the interactive exchange, paycodes are updated, and manager notifications are sent. All business and scheduling rules are applied to every transaction. The ROI is elimination of manual processes, cost and time savings,and the ability to audit all interactions. What took hours and hours in the past now takes just minutes for customers who choose to enable the Vocantas Communicate platform within Workforce Dimensions.

Benefits of Enabling Communicate

Kronos customers that enable Communicate alongside their Kronos solution have realized operational savings in just the first year of deployment. Automation has delivered not only cost savings for customers, but has created a work-life balance that engages employees in a workforce that is demanding both innovation and an employee-focused environment. The Vocantas-enabled Workforce Dimensions solution offers innovative personalization and employee control over how they receive and respond to shift offers; using the employee portal, employees set their contact preferences by time of day. For example, text me before 8 am, call me and text me during the day, and just send me an email in the evening. Where previously employees had to be near a phone to receive a call from a scheduling agent, day or night, now employees have control and flexibility on when and how their employer communicates with them.

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