Student Engagement and Retention

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Student Engagement and Retention

Cost-effective Solutions for Student Retention

  • No need to hire more resources.
  • Our solutions enable administrators and facilitators to reach more students in less time and to spend more of their time working directly with the most challenging cases.
  • With an interactive voice student retention system, you can engage with more students and retain more students with less effort.
  • Choose a proven solution.
  • Deployed at colleges and universities across Canada.
  • Effectiveness of our solutions supported by research at Ryerson University: View the Executive Summary > 

Based on research conducted by Ryerson University.

Reach Students When it Matters - Other Ways Scaller Can Work for You

Easily reach out to your students when it matters most to increase student engagement and satisfaction.


  • Reaching out to accepted students to ask them if they have made a decision.
  • Close the sale by having the student confirm your offer of acceptance.
  • Provide personal follow up to those that are undecided.


  • Provide updates to students when payment deadlines are approaching.
  • Remind students when various items are due such as transcripts and forms.
  • Streamline the admissions process and reduce inbound calls to your registrar agents.


Engage with new students from acceptance to the first day of the new term.

  • Allows you to pass along information about student services before they step foot on campus.
  • Gives new students the personal touch and reiterates why they chose your school.
  • Prevents attrition before the first intake.
  • Ensures students have all documentation and payments up to date prior to arrival on campus.

Targeted Campaigns

  • Due date reminders
  • Late applicant outreach
  • Missing documents
  • At risk groups
  • Check on self assessment
  • Specific group after a process change

Recent Ontario College Results: 

  •  After just ONE day of calls, online survey results went up by 5%!

Summer Melt

  • Reduce summer melt by staying in touch with students throughout the summer.
  • Improve overall retention by keeping students connected and engaged. 
  •  Show you care – Virtual Hug!

Non-Returning Students

  • Why didn’t they come back?
  • You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.
  • Measure and then address key reasons why former students are not returning.
  • Opportunity to let students know what is available to them as next steps.

Benefits of Using Student Engagement Software

  • Improved student retention rates.
  • Improved student satisfaction.
  • Greater insight into student needs and risk with advanced reporting.
  • Increased use of school resources by students.
  • More successful students!

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Student Engagement and Retention

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