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Kronos Workforce Integration

Vocantas Communicate™ is a powerful, two-way multimodal communication system that integrates with Kronos® Workforce Dimensions™, Kronos Workforce Central™ and Kronos Workforce ESP™. The Vocantas-Kronos integration provides Kronos customers with two-way text, interactive voice and email to and from their scheduling system.

WF Self-Serve

WF Self-Serve allows employees to text or call to report lateness or absence directly into the Kronos scheduling system. WF Self-Serve eliminates the hassle of employees calling into a reception desk and reporting their absence or lateness to a person who then needs to log the information in the scheduling system.

Alerts of an absence or lateness are sent to the manager immediately to let the manager know that they will be short staffed and may need to find a replacement, and the employee’s paycode can be automatically updated. Employers can also track absence and lateness by employee and by a variety of other metrics.

An exciting enhancement to WF Self-Serve is Punch, which allows employees to call to indicate a punch or a job transfer. When Punch is used paycodes can be updated in your scheduling system. Punch provides two-way communication with real-time interactive responses. As always, communication is tracked for audit purposes, decreasing grievances.

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Automated Shift Fill

When your schedule has an open shift, it will automatically be sent to Automated Shift Callout to fill. Using all existing scheduling rules in your Kronos scheduling system, Automated Shift Callout will send a callout to the impacted pool of employees using interactive notification by text, voice (IVR), or email. Staff can respond by their method of choice to accept or decline a shift, log their preferences, and check shift history in the secure employee portal. The system can also be used to remind staff of upcoming shifts. Automated Shift Fill is also available as text only.

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Notifier, integrated with Kronos Workforce Dimensions, is a hosted solution that ensures your organization is always ready to react to any emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An emergency notification can include to stay off the premises or a request for additional staff to present themselves at the facility to deal with the emergency. Either way, Notifier provides two-way communication between your organization and your employees.

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For information about how to leverage the tight integration between Vocantas’ communication modules with Kronos, customers can contact their Kronos sales rep or reach out to Vocantas sales team.

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