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November 3, 2020

Vocantas is pleased to announce the inaugural Vocantas User Group and Training Event for Vocantas customers. This year, Vocantas is focusing on customers who have deployed, or are in the process of deploying Vocantas’ newest product, Automated Shift Fill.

Automated Shift Fill is a tool used to communicate with small or large pools of staff via any phone, text, and email, as well as via employee portal, in order to fill open shifts quickly and efficiently – while allowing employees to indicate how and when they would like to receive shift offers. The conference will take place in Kelowna this May and will host attendees from across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

“We want to host a conference that will offer Vocantas customers the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas, new features for tomorrow and many years to come. We want to create space for a collaborative community to build new solutions,” said Gary T. Hannah, CEO, Vocantas. “We’re excited to have our customers meet face to face to further understand each other’s needs and goals; together we can all learn how we can help bring maximum efficiencies to healthcare.”

With a new version of Auto Shift Fill set to be released this summer, Vocantas is looking forward to the discussions and community building that will take place this month as users gather officially for the first time since Auto Shift Fill was first released.

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Vocantas develops hosted and premise-based multi-modal communications solutions, including interactive voice, text and email, using advanced computer telephony and speech recognition technology to provide businesses and service providers with more efficient outreach capabilities. Vocantas solutions help organizations with complex scheduling environments and processes, and those in the higher education, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service environments improve outreach and engagement while reducing operating costs. Visit for a free interactive demo of Vocantas solutions that intelligently respond to your customers.

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