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Vocantas Launches Communicate™ Automated Shift Fill 5.0

November 3, 2020

OTTAWA, ON, SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 – Vocantas, an innovator in workforce management multi-modal solutions, announced today that Communicate™ Automated Shift Fill (ASF) 5.0 is now available. ASF, a module of the Communicate™ platform, contacts your employees via mobile app, text, phone (IVR/voice), email and web portal to offer open shifts. ASF takes all the manual effort out of contacting employees based on scheduling procedures, reducing grievances while employees respond via their method of choice to accept offers. Automated Shift Fill 5.0 includes new automated functionality; auto-award exception alerts and auto-populate award limits to save schedulers more time and make their job faster and easier. Additional employee data such as skill sets can be added, allowing schedulers to create more specific employee distribution lists for shift callouts. Users can now see when employee data is imported or why the upload did not work. Shift callouts can be effortlessly defined by creating jobs, locations and other shift data criteria. Further, the processing of text messages has also been enhanced by over 300% for lightning-fast callouts, allowing schedulers to contact more people in less time. “Based on input from our customers, we have developed new insightful features and functionality making ASF 5.0even more powerful and autonomous, ensuring a fluid experience for both customers using ASF on its own and integrated with their human capital management solution,” said Rob Fryer, VP of Product and Delivery

New Key Features and Functionality:

• Enhanced employee data import with flexible history and easily viewable status pages

• Lightning-fast text message processing performance

• New auto-populate award limit for multi-opening shifts

• New auto-award exception alerts

• Customizable shift data filtering

• Enhanced automation and configurability

New Standalone Features and Functionality:

• New static and dynamic distribution lists

• Import additional employee data

• Enhancements to the creation and management of shift data

• Customization to the process of creating new shift callouts

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Vocantas develops hosted and premise-based multi-modal communications solutions, including interactive voice, text and email, using advanced computer telephony and speech recognition technology to provide businesses and service providers with more efficient outreach capabilities. Vocantas solutions help organizations with complex scheduling environments and processes, and those in the higher education, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service environments improve outreach and engagement while reducing operating costs. Visit for a free interactive demo of Vocantas solutions that intelligently respond to your customers.

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