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Vocantas Launches Auto Shift Callout 2.1 at its Inaugural Vocantas User Group

November 3, 2020

OTTAWA, ON – Vocantas announced today the release of Auto Shift Callout 2.1 as staffing directors, staff schedulers, and workforce management staff met with the Vocantas team in Kelowna for Vocantas’ first User Group. Auto Shift Callout enables organizations to increase efficiency in staff scheduling by sending automated shift offer broadcasts to staff via phone, text and email. Employees respond via the same method of communication to indicate whether they are interested in the shift offer.

This newest release introduces Vocantas’ redesigned employee portal based on customer input; the redesign puts user experience and expectation at the forefront, offering an intuitive and easy-to-use interface with built-in help pages to guide employees in updating their contact preferences, bidding on shifts, and reviewing past shift offers. “Our new employee portal is not only reorganized for better user experience, but we have optimized the interface to be responsive to mobile devices,” said Andrew Kozminski, CTO, Vocantas. “Whether employees are on their tablets, smartphones, or laptops, the new user interface will respond and resize to fit the device so that the employee portal is convenient and easy to use anytime, anywhere.”

This release also introduces scheduled launches, something Vocantas customers have requested. Now schedulers can set shift notifications to launch at a future date – for example, a scheduler working outside of regular hours can set a series of shift notifications for the next day, when staff are more likely to respond.

Expanded reporting functionality, configurable callout menus, and increased integration with your scheduling solution have also been addressed in this robust release, all in response to collaboration with Vocantas customers.

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