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Vocantas Joins Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network

November 3, 2020

Expands on existing Vocantas-Kronos relationship and integrations and supports early innovation

OTTAWA, ON, FEBRUARY 12,2019 – Vocantas, the leader in multimodal communication, announced today that it joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions™ Technology Partner Network. With theVocantas-embedded communications suite, employees can easily notify their manager of an unplanned absence by text or interactive voice directly from Workforce Dimensions. Organizations can send interactive texts,phone calls and emails to employees to fill open shifts more quickly.

“Unplanned absences are detrimental to productivity, place unnecessary pressures on other employees and in some industries may create unnecessary risk by violating minimum staffing requirements,” said Gary T Hannah,CEO, Vocantas. ”Vocantas and Kronos are working together to further streamline and accelerate the process of filling open shifts by allowing employees to text or call an absence or lateness and the system can automatically review schedules and employee preferences to identify team members most likely to come in at the last minute.”

Being a member of the Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network ensures a deep integration with Workforce Dimensions to improve overall end user experience. With early access to new releases, functionality and test facilities, Vocantas is able to support and evolve its solutions with new releases of Workforce Dimensions.

“Workforce Dimensions is built on a completely open and extensible platform, enabling innovative integrations with partners, including Vocantas, that empower employees in ways that simply are not possible with legacy solutions,” said Mike May, Senior Director, Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network, Kronos. “Providing a great technology experience not only drives user adoption, but it also helps organizations engage and retain their workforce.”

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Vocantas develops hosted and premise-based multi-modal communications solutions, including interactive voice, text and email, using advanced computer telephony and speech recognition technology to provide businesses and service providers with more efficient outreach capabilities. Vocantas solutions help organizations with complex scheduling environments and processes, and those in the higher education, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service environments improve outreach and engagement while reducing operating costs. Visit for a free interactive demo of Vocantas solutions that intelligently respond to your customers.

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