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PSE Information Systems: Asessing the Impact of Scaller on First-to-Second Semester Retention in Ontario Colleges

November 3, 2020
Dr. Peter Dietsche,Former Davis Chair Community College Leadership, Asst. Prof. Higher Education, OISE/UT, President PSE Information Systems

Summary of  Results

A comparison of retention rates for the Control and two Treatment Groups produced varied results in the individual college analyses. One college exhibited little difference across the three groups while in three colleges Treatment Group members who were contacted with Scaller™ exhibited increased retention rates of 5%, 5% and 9.7% compared to Treatment Group members who were not contacted. Two colleges also exhibited an increase in retention rate of 0.5% and 4.2%, respectively, for Treatment Group members contacted via Scaller™ compared to their Control Group.

Analyses of data for all colleges taken together showed an overall increase in second semester retention of 4.4% for Treatment Group members who were contacted with Scaller™ compared to those who were not. When compared to the Control Group, Treatment Group members who were contacted with Scaller™ exhibited a 0.4% increase in second semester retention.

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