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Jamaica’s National Water Commission Selects Utilities OnCall™ to Handle Inbound and Outbound Customer Communication

November 3, 2020

Vocantas’ Presence in the Caribbean Continues to Expand          


OTTAWA, ON –  August 24, 2015 - Vocantas is pleased to announce that Jamaica’s National Water  Commission (NWC) is the newest Caribbean utility to select Vocantas’ Utilities OnCall™ customer  communication solution. The robust solution will provide the NWC with the highest  quality of automated intelligent customer service, and Utilities OnCall’s many  off-the-shelf features ensure excellent value to the utility.

In addition to the numerous core features and fastest time to market of any interactive voice response solution available, Vocantas offers quick, seamless integrations that will enable real-time updates to the NWC’s Banner CIS and Oracle database. In choosing an interactive voice response solution, Vocantas’ 100% database integration success rate was central to the National Water Commission’s decision process, as well as Vocantas’ certification of compliance with Avaya Dev-Connect. The NWC was able to select Vocantas’ Utilities OnCall with the confidence that Vocantas’ solution would be integrated with their existing systems quickly and easily.

“We are looking forward to deploying Utilities OnCall to offset call center traffic and provide excellent customer service to customers of the National Water Commission in Jamaica,” said Gary Hannah,  president and CEO of Vocantas. “Our commitment to intelligent automated customer service will allow the Commission to maintain high customer  satisfaction while decreasing costs associated with heavy traffic to a call  center.”

Utilities OnCall will help the NWC to lower traffic to their call center, lowering overall operating costs. High call containment within the automated system allows call center agents to focus only on higher value issues that need to be addressed by staff. Customers will have access to their payment history, past and upcoming payment dates and amounts, and account status through the interactive voice response  system, and will be able to pay their utility bills over the phone. The new system will also make outbound calls to customers to notify them of late payments, which will assist the NWC in lowering accounts receivables.

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Vocantas develops hosted and premise-based multi-modal communications solutions, including interactive voice, text and email, using advanced computer telephony and speech recognition technology to provide businesses and service providers with more efficient outreach capabilities. Vocantas solutions help organizations with complex scheduling environments and processes, and those in the higher education, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service environments improve outreach and engagement while reducing operating costs. Visit for a free interactive demo of Vocantas solutions that intelligently respond to your customers.

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