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Fraser Health Enriches Staff Scheduling By Adding Vocantas Automated Shift Callout™

November 3, 2020

Vocantas CallAssure™ Auto Shift Callout (ASC) Puts the Power of Communication in the Hands of Staff for Relief Scheduling      


Ottawa, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia- February 2, 2017Fraser Health (FH), one of five regional health authorities serving British Columbia, will deploy the Automated Shift Callout (ASC) solution built by Vocantas in just a few weeks’ time.

With the ASC solution fully integrated with Kronos’ Workforce Scheduling Software, Fraser Health is excited to announce that its entire workforce will now have communication options, including automated phone calls, interactive text or email, and a secure online employee portal for bidding on shifts; updated contact preferences; and viewing newly scheduled relief shifts. Healthcare staff at Fraser will now have 24/7 access to self-serve in the online staffing portal.

With ASC, schedulers will have the power of automated communications at their finger-tips - with the push of a button, an open shift can be offered to many staff simultaneously, replacing the existing method of making individual phone calls one after the other in an attempt to reach staff that were often not available to take a phone call when the Scheduler was calling.

Now, with the ASC solution, schedulers simply click the “auto call out” button directly in their scheduling software. Vocantas then dials, texts and emails all eligible staff on the relief pool list, simultaneously offering them the open shift. Staff respond interactively, by automated interactive phone, text, or email to express interest in the shift. ASC then notifies the scheduler that there is an employee that can be awarded the shift. From start to finish, filling a relief shift now takes mere minutes instead of hours of the Schedulers’ time.

“We are thrilled to be launching ASC at Fraser Health. Our staff is ready for the flexibility that comes with choosing to receive shift offers by text, email or via interactive voice call. Ultimately, having the right staff member in the right place at the right time improves our ability to offer excellent patient care, which makes this solution a win-win for Fraser Health and for our dedicated team members,” said Nisha Esmail, Director of Workforce Optimization and Staffing Services.

Fraser Health is the third British Columbia health authority to deploy the Vocantas ASC solution. Island Health and Interior Health announced their successful deployments of ASC in 2016. Two additional BC Health Authorities are planning to add ASC to their staffing solution this year.

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