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Bishop’s University Runs First Ever Scaller Campaign, Turns Student Experience Anecdotes into Evidence

November 3, 2020

First campaign was an easy, resource light way to identify areas of need among first year students          

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - April 15, 2015 - This February, Bishop’s University partnered with Vocantas on their first ever Scaller™ (pronounced Scholar) campaign. Bishop’s decided to run a  campaign to collect data that would help the university discover areas of need   among their first year students. The campaign provided Bishop’s with specific  areas where students were experiencing the most difficulty and also equipped Bishop’s with valuable information about their student records. The concrete data provided by the campaign will allow Bishop’s to make intelligent, evidence-supported process changes to help keep students on the road to success.

“We are very pleased with the data we were able to collect using the Scaller solution. Where we used to have a lot of anecdotal evidence but very little concrete data, we are now able to see concretely  where students have more difficulties in their first semester; furthermore, we can identify other areas where we can help students stay connected with the University,” said Dan  Seneker, Director of Enrollment Management  at Bishop's University. “When we had some minor technical issues, we connected  with the excellent Vocantas support team, who were able to address and correct the problem immediately.”

“Working  with Bishop’s University to help them generate useful, concrete data has been a pleasure for Vocantas,” said Gary  T. Hannah, CEO of Vocantas. “The journey to  improved retention and data-supported student feedback is an easy one; Scaller is a resource-light and quick-to-deploy student retention solution. We look  forward to continuing to provide Bishop’s University with measurable data to  help drive student services and programs at the University and ultimately to  improve retention.”

Bishop’s University is currently planning a second campaign with Vocantas that will  reach out to 1200 prospective students who have received an offer of acceptance but have not yet confirmed their attendance to Bishop’s in the fall. Vocantas is pleased to work with Bishop’s University once again and looks forward to another successful campaign.

About Bishop's University Bishop's University is a predominantly residential, undergraduate university. Their primary concern is offering students a quality education in arts, sciences, business, and education. The residential aspect and their small size (2200 full time students) encourage students to immerse themselves in the complete Bishop's Experience.          

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