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Employer Responsibility During COVID-19

The state, provincial, federal and municipal governments of Canada and the United States have set a variety of new mandates and guidelines for employers to follow as a result of the pandemic. Employers have an obligation to keep work environments safe and free of hazards. Many governments have extended this to include keeping workers and visitors safe from exposure to COVID-19 by exercising the following best practices in the work environment:

• Implementing preventative measures

• Tracking where and when employees have worked

• Investigating instances of employees or visitors with confirmed COVID-19

• Reporting known cases to the local public health unit

• Providing contact information for those who may have been exposed to the local public health unit

• Preventing recurrence of exposure

Inefficient Manual Assessments

Many businesses and long-term care facilities are currently relying on manual paper-based assessments to track and screen for COVID-19. Paper forms can be easily lost, cumbersome to search through, and ineffective to report on promptly to be effective in contact tracing. These inefficient processes are putting staff and visitors at a higher risk of exposure to the virus. With Vocantas’ Automated Symptom Tracker (AST), you can ditch the slow and unreliable paper assessments and reports. This automated solution will save you thousands in efficiencies regardless of the size of your workforce. AST will allow you to redirect staff resources and funds to other important tasks. Let AST do the work, so you can focus on doing what you do best — running your business.

Keep Your Employees and Visitors Safe with AST

AST is an affordable and secure web-based solution that assists organizations with their contact tracing efforts by screening employees and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. Employees and visitors simply call or text the AST number to answer a series of customizable screening questions before visiting the work environment. When someone reports symptoms or exposure to COVID-19, management receives an automatic alert in real-time. All screening results are available in a user-friendly dashboard located on a secure website with a unique login. Summary reports can also be downloaded, making it easy to report any cases or possible exposure.

How It Works

Step 1: Employees or visitors call or text a phone number

Step 2: Employees or visitors answer a series of screening questions

Step 3: Responses are available in real-time to the employer on a secure website with a unique login

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About Vocantas

Vocantas is a Canadian company with almost 20 years of experience working with North American healthcare providing secure automated communications to administer staff scheduling, callouts, and SMS transmission. We are offering organizations an affordable and easy-to-use solution to help employers adhere to the new COVID-19 guidelines and requirements. Automated Symptom Tracker (AST) automates cumbersome COVID-19 reporting and tracking processes by using smart IVR technology to screen for symptoms and a secure portal to record results in real-time.

Need more Information? Check out our resources below.

Need more Information? Check out our resources below

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