Automated Shift Fill 5.0
New Features

Automatically contact employees when a shift is available -No more manual phone calls or time consuming, unreliable manual methods!
Too many open shifts to fill and not enough time to fill them? Need to add efficiency and ease to filling open shifts? Communicate™ Automated Shift Fill (ASF) 5.0 is for you!

Based on input from our many customers, we have developed insightful features making Automated Shift Fill (ASF) even more robust and autonomous, ensuring a fluid experience regardless of whether you are using ASF as a standalone or integrated solution. ASF 5.0 offers new intelligent automated functionality including, auto-award exception alerts and auto-populate award limits to save schedulers more time. Greater amounts of employee data can also be imported into the database with new filtering options, and history and status information is easily viewable. Further, the text messages throughput has been increased by over 300%- lightening fast!

Leading New Features:

➊ Enhanced employee data import with flexible history and easily viewable status pages
➋ Improved blazing fast text processing performance
➌ New auto-populate award limit for multi-opening shifts
➍ Customizable shift data filtering
➎ New Static and Dynamic Distribution Lists
➏ Enhanced automation and configurability

New Stand Alone Features:

➊ Static and dynamic distribution lists
➋ Import additional employee data
➌ Enhancements to the creation and management of shift data
➍ Customization to the processes of creating a new shift
➎ Ability to utilize distribution lists for employee pools and callouts

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